OAUTHC Exam Result Checker Portal

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To Check the 2022 OAUTHC Exam Result , Cl!ck on the Image Below, After the Result-image is opened, wait for some few minutes, you will be redirected to the main Updated OAUTHC Exam Result Checker Portal

NOTE: If you can't see the image, that means you are using browser like: opera mini, brave or phoenix, and most of these browsers won't allow you see all website features, this is what you will do, go to your browser setting locate Adblocker settings and deactivate it, after that, kindly refresh your this page and follow the instruction, but if you are using chrome browser then you are good to go.

The PDF lists are usually sent to various tuition houses by OAUTHC. This is the list that is usually passed around on social media.

For now, since the exams have not yet been taken in 2022, the only available result will be that of 2022 and the ones were taken in previous years.

The list shows the result for three levels and you are to just locate the level in which you applied for and check your detail and your corresponding result respectively.

The levels are:

  1. Foundation Level
  2. Skill Level
  3. Professional Level

Congratulations in advance on your success, please share this link with your friends.